A Poem from Carl, Gemplers Owner & President

We are family-owned company with a passion for what we do.
We have amazing products and would love to help you.
We're a humble bunch with big dreams,
And compete in a world with big conglomerates and corporate teams.
We're a bit different, as our heart is to serve customers with zeal
And be a company that is the real deal.
The world doesn’t need more Amazons and big giants.
We need more service oriented independents.
If you have ideas about what Gemplers can do better
Please send me an email or write me a letter.
We feel so blessed to serve folks like you.
If you can’t tell, we love what we do.
Thanks for growing, persevering and toughing it out each day.
This marks the end of my poem and all that I have to say.

Thank you!